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What is Bamboo Flooring?

Bamboo is a natural surface covering material that has many of the properties of hardwood flooring, even though it is actually produced from a type of grass. It shares many of the positive benefits of a hardwood floor, as well as the drawbacks and vulnerabilities. The more you understand the properties of this material, the better informed you will be when making a purchasing or maintenance decision.

The Benefits of Bamboo Floor

Bamboo is made from natural vegetation. The bamboo plant is a highly renewable resource that is able to grow to maturity in as little as three to five years. This is much faster than hardwood trees which can take upwards of twenty years or more to reach maturity.

Reputable Supplier of Bamboo Flooring

We understand that sometimes you have a budget to meet, but this should never affect the quality of the bamboo flooring available. We only sell high quality Bamboo Flooring which comes with the suppliers warranty.  Don’t be caught out by being by other flooring stores where they can be selling you inferior products which don’t come with the suppliers fully warranty.

For more information on our bamboo flooring collection at our Gold Coast store, send us a quick enquiry and we will get back to you straight away.

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