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Carpet or Wood Flooring

Choosing whether to install carpet or wood flooring in your home is a debate that most home owners all over the world have been having for years. Some argue that the durability benefits of wood flooring alone make it a superior choice, while others insist that the...

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New Bamboo Wool Carpet is here

New Wool Bamboo Carpet Latest Tatami Twist from Godfrey Hirst We are very excited to see the a new range of superior wool carpet to the Hycraft range from Godfrey Hirst. It is described as the perfect marriage of softness and durability. This innovative wool bamboo...

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Floor Planks for Feature Walls

One "on-trend" style at the moment is the use of floor boards on interior walls around the home (thanks to the many lifestyle TV shows on at the moment). This method will add a statement piece to any room of your home by connecting interior design elements of the room...

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Carpet for Your Home

Why You Should Carpet Your Home Carpet for your home is considered one of the most popular and widely used home decor flooring solutions today.  Many people choose carpet because of the versatility and sense of style it can bring into any home. Carpet for your home...

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Eco+ Carpets Now at Southport Carpets

Carpet that cleans with just water! Who doesn't love that idea? Southport Carpets & Flooring supplier of this innovative carpet is Godfrey Hirst.  They have combined innovative carpet manufacturing with breakthrough polymer technology from DuPont™ to develop...

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